Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Help Prisoners Prepare for Release

Not everyone is cutout or willing to volunteer in a correctional facility, but anyone can help the incarcerated prepare to become productive members of our society even without ever stepping behind the razor wire.

As co-author of the prisoner-related books "Chicken Soup for the Prisoner's Soul" and "Serving Time, Serving Others" and the upcoming "Serving Productive Time" available July 1, 2009, we receive thousands of requests for books by inmates and staff who contact us. Still there are many who have never heard of our books or read them. Our goal is to have our books available to everyone locked up in a jail, prison, or youth detention center. Just one book in a housing unit is usually shared by dozens of inmates.

Below are some ways you can help, but also consider other creative ideas you may have.

1. First of all, I suggest that you read "Chicken Soup for the Prisoner's Soul" and "Serving Time, Serving Others” to become familiar with what the inmates will read to help them. This will also allow you to see the potential benefits of your efforts. Our books are available on Amazon and other websites or see my website: for links to our publisher. Notice the reviews that our readers have said about our books.

2. If you know of someone who is incarcerated, send them a copy of our books, or suggest to their loved ones that they send our books to them.

3. Help us to get funding for books to the correctional chaplains, counselors, teachers, and librarians who have requested our books but do not the resources to purchase them. When books are purchased from Success Solutions, we can match whatever someone sends with an equal amount. The books retail for $14.95, so for every $15 that is sent, we can send two books to them instead of one. Whatever amount sent, we'll match that and pay the postage to send books to correctional staff for the inmates’ use.

4. Contact churches and service groups in your area to ask them to sponsor some of our books to help those incarcerated prepare to become productive members of our society. They may send a check or money order directly to Success Solutions with the shipping details. Purchase Orders are also possible. Our books may also be sent directly to volunteers who can get our books to the inmates they serve.

5. Help us spread the word about our books and work with prisoners. Research where the jails, prisons, and youth detention centers are in your area or elsewhere. Then call, write, or e-mail the warden, chaplains, counselors, teachers, and librarians and suggest that they obtain our books for their inmates. Or send me the e-mail addresses of people to contact.

6. If you are posting a Blog, please mention our books. See my Blog at for suggestions to share on other blogs and in any e-mails you send about our books. Below are a few suggested phrases to include. Other may be found in our newsletters: To subscribe to our newsletters, send a blank message to:

7. Receive a FREE BOX of 24 "Chicken Soup for the Prisoner's Soul" books
when you purchase 12 copies of "Serving Time, Serving Others."
For $259, you will receive 36 books. This price includes shipping and handling of both boxes. Send your shipping details, e-mail, and phone number with your check or money order payable to "Success Solutions" and mail to:
Success Solutions -- Book Purchase
PO Box 7816
Wilmington DE 19803
Reserve your books by contacting or by phone 302-475-4825.

8. Feel free to copy and distribute the following PDF files as you see fit.

We appreciate your help.

Continued Blessings,

Co-author "Chicken Soup for the Volunteer's Soul,"
"The Quick and Easy Guide to Project Management,"
"Chicken Soup for the Prisoner's Soul" and "Serving Time, Serving Others"
"Serving Productive Time" available July 1, 2009
Tom Lagana ~~ (302) 475-4825 -- PO Box 7816, Wilmington, DE 19803 ~~
"Tom is a professional speaker, trainer, engineer, consultant, and author
. . . helping people become their best."

Monday, February 2, 2009

Self-Study Guidebook for Inmates

A Guide to Serving Productive Time is a 30-page self-study program designed for inmates who have a sincere desire to commit to making positive changes in their lives. They can put their “time” to productive use by learning skills that will help them on the inside while serving their sentences, as well as on the outside when they re-enter our society.

Correctional staff may receive permission to copy and distribute 12 copies of the Guidebook (sent to them as a pdf file), 3 copies of Chicken Soup for the Prisoner's Soul, and 3 copies of Serving Time, Serving Others for a total cost of $144.

Loved ones may receive the pdf file and permission to print one copy of the Guidebook to send to someone incarcerated. The cost is $15. Quantity discounts are available.

Make check payable to "Success Solutions" and mail to:

A Guide to Serving Productive Time
PO Box 7816
Wilmington DE 19803

To reserve your order and for additional details e-mail:
or call 302-475-4825

Click here for a pdf flyer with more details about the Guidebook.