Monday, March 30, 2009

Pre-Order -- Serving Productive Time

Our publisher has informed us that although the official release date for “Serving Productive Time” is July 1, 2009, we will have full boxes (of 30 books each) ready to ship in early June (possibly sooner). The cost is $216. Please see the Order Form linked below and order a box or more of this worthwhile book.

Please note: Checks and money orders sent to us will not be deposited until the books are shipped. We will hold the checks or money orders until then. When necessary, we will accept purchase orders.

Credit cards are usually not acceptable, but for large orders, arrangements can be made through a third-party. Credit card purchases will only be accepted in cases where that is the only viable alternative for payment.

Please consider asking churches, service groups, and individuals to help sponsor books for you to use in your ministry and/or to send some books to a correctional facility in your area.

Below are links to three 1-page PDF files. One gives details about our book, another is a sample of the contents, and the third is an order form. We have begun mailing hard copies of these flyers when we reply to our constant stream of correspondence from prisoners. Feel free to print and distribute these pages as you see fit.

We hope you share this message with anyone you think would benefit by its content. Thank you.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Need Your Help Marketing New Book for Prisoners

Your help is needed to create an awareness and buzz on the Internet about a new book to help inspire inmates to prepare for a successful release and become productive members of our society.

It's the follow-up book to "Chicken Soup for the Prisoner's Soul" and "Serving Time, Serving Others." The title of this new book is "Serving Productive Time: Stories, Poems, and Tips to Inspire Positive Change from Inmates, Prison Staff, and Volunteers." It will be officially released on July 1, 2009. The Foreword is by MARY V. LEFTRIDGE BYRD, deputy secretary, Washington State Department of Corrections. The book is being published by Health Communications, Inc. and is already listed on Amazon and Barnes & Noble websites.

Your creative ideas to get the word out will be greatly appreciated, as well as your help to implement them.

Although there is no pay for your help on this project, the co-authors will gladly give you a reference based on your help. If you are in a position to sell books, there is an opportunity to make some money this way, as the authors will give you a substantial quantity discount for you to resell them. That of course is optional.

Your response is appreciated. Thanks for helping to make a difference.